27. februar 2013

Kavli Trust helps teach African smallholders how to farm

Kavli Trust helps teach African smallholders how to farm

Model farming training centres being established by Norwegian People’s Aid with support from the Kavli Trust will provide 460 small farmers in South Sudan with an education in agriculture.

This project forms part of a growing humanitarian involvement for the trust outside Norway, where support for education is an important element. Called A New Start, the scheme will provide three local communities with a substantial improvement in their quality of life through learning how to farm more efficiently.

Although South Sudan is a very fertile country with huge uncultivated areas, much know-how and land was lost during the long-running war which afflicted this region. Collaboration with the trust will provide local farmers with better information about production, storage and access to markets.

The trust gives priority to educational and training programmes which are locally rooted and which yield good long-term effects. A New Start is a good example of the way education and the sharing of expertise can provide the basis for positive social development and increased prosperity.

For more information of this and other Kavli Trust projects, see http://www.kavlitrust.com
The Kavli Trust, February 2013