30. august 2013

The Kavli Trust cooperates with MyGoodAct to inspire young people to support charities

With its recent cooperation with MyGoodAct.com, the Kavli Trust aims to inspire young people to support charities across the world. MyGoodAct.com is a web-based service established by the talented social entrepreneur Jonas Borchgrevink.

MyGoodAct.com is a social network where people who care are able to raise financial support for different charitable projects and NGOs. Currently, MyGoodAct holds over 55 registered organizations that frequently use its services. Since MyGoodAct launched in 2011, it has raised over 9 million NOK for different charities across the globe. MyGoodAct makes it possible for donors to follow up on the results of their contributions through regular articles and pictures updates. MyGoodAct want to motivate young people (16-30 years) by making it easy and fun to raise money for good causes.

Massive support to help Roona Begum: This April a 20 year old woman from Oslo, Nathalie Krantz, started a fund raising in order to give Roona Begum (18 months) from India a life saving operation. Roona is suffering from hydrocephalus, a highly dangerous disease which leads to a build-up of cerebrospinal fluid inside the skull. Miss Krantz was able to raise over 320 000 NOK from young people all over the world. The money has been used to give Roona professional treatment. The Roona Begum fund raising project had a world-wide support and news coverage in over 200 news papers e.g. Huffington Post, The Sun, DailyMail, ABC News, Herald Sun og La Presse. Miss Krantz initially aimed at raising 10 000 NOK, but in only two hours the charity had received 25 000 NOK and after 30 days the total amount exceeded 320 000 NOK. For more information about Roona Begum and the MyGoodAct fund raising.

The Kavli Trust supports social entrepreneurs: The Kavli Trust supports social entrepreneurs who focus on solving social problems through business. For social entrepreneurs motivation comes from the desire to address social problems and not from profit. The Kavli Trust appreciates the social value created by innovative social entrepreneurs.