11. March 2015

Putting in all efforts for children in Ghana and Kenya

The Kavli Trust supports the Danish organisation 100 % to the Children, which runs projects in Ghana and Kenya in cooperation with local organisations.



The vision of 100 % to the Children is to help as many children as possible, in the best possible way, for the longest possible time. Signe Vorster started the organisation after a visit to the slum outside Mombasa in 2007. The organisation now runs several projects to the benefit of vulnerable children and youth.

The funding from the Kavli Trust will be put into use in three projects:

1. Making the school sustainable – carrots can grow in the slum


A 100% started the work in Mombasa in Kenya by providing the children living by the garbage dump in Kibarani access to school, health facilities and food. Since 2011, the local community has run the school themselves. There is no public school in this area, so the Kibarani school and creche are the only options for the children living there.

With the support of the Kavli Trust, the 100 % to the Children will grow a vegetable garden at the school. Not only will the vegetable garden provide food for the children, but it will also produce cash crops for the school to buy necessary food essentials.

The families in the area live from the garbage dump located in the slum. They often eat what they find. This is the reason why school meals are of utter importance, and can be used in convincing the parents to let the children attend school.

2. The children in Pebi attend school where there used to be none

vinkende børn

Most people in Pebi in Ghana live from fishing and farming, and the children need to participate in the daily chores. The local community are organised in a Community-Based Organisation (CBO), which relentlessly work to improve their circumstances. A school for 75 children was started in 2008. In 2014 they got electricity, and nurses from a health centre nearby regularly attend to the children.

With the support of the Kavli Trust, the 100 % to the Children will start a vegetable garden where teachers, parents and children can grow vegetables together, both to feed the school children, as well as cash crops to make the school financially sustainable.

3. The girls in Ghana dream of an education – and they are entitled to do so!

school club

The girls from five highs schools in the Kumbungu-district in northern Ghana are not silent anymore. They debate girls’ right to education on the radio. They talk about the organisation REEP (Rural Education Empowerment Programme) in the villages. They encourage the parents to support their daughters, and they encourage the girls in school to continue their education.

Basic education is free in Ghana, but a lot of the children, particularly the girls, quit at high school-level. The support from the Kavli Trust enables the 100 % to the Children and the local organisation REEP Ghana to help girls reach their dream of an education:

  • Intensive holiday schools to help more girls pass exams
  • Scholarship programmes for clever girls from poor families
  • Raising awareness amongst the parents
  • Improving the ICT-education capacity
  • Supporting the girls organising in school clubs

Would you like to know more about 100% to the Children? Visit www.100pct.org
Watch a short film about REEP
Visit www.reep-ghana.org