10. June 2015

Expanding educational opportunity in Zimbabwe

The Kavli Trust recently decided to expand its support to a fund established in 2014 by Norway’s Sabona organisation to help young people in Zimbabwe secure further education.


This initiative has provided the finance needed to take courses at upper secondary schools or universities in the southern African nation, where opportunities for such studies are minimal.

Few Zimbabweans can afford to pursue further education, which presents young people with major obstacles. The fund is therefore hugely important for recipients of its grants, and Sabona says they display an incredible commitment.

Seventy-nine students have received support over the past seven months, with girls accounting for more than half of this total. Sixty-two are in upper secondary schools and took their exams before Christmas. Students in Zimbabwe must pass O-levels before taking A-levels, and then pass the latter to get into university.

Very good results have been achieved by recipients who have sat their exams so far. That gives them the grades they need to begin their studies of choice. Seventeen of the grant recipients are at university or higher education college, and will be continuing their studies this spring.

Sabona has seen a big need and desire for further education among students, and is therefore very pleased that its good collaboration with the Kavli Trust is helping to boost the fund. The new contribution from the trust means that grant recipients who have passed their exams will have an opportunity for further education. Students on the waiting list for funding, can now be helped by the fund and start their education.

Sabona in brief

Sabona is a Norwegian organisation working on health, entrepreneurship and education in Zimbabwe. Its funds derive from musical and cultural events. For more information (in Norwegian only), go to www.sabona.no.