22. February 2016

Entrepreneurship for the future

Since third grade Delight Moyo has received support for school, food and health care from Norway's Sabina organisation. Now, the young Zimbabwean is pursuing university studies with a clear goal – a future without poverty.

Sabona and the Kavli Trust have collaborated since 2014 over an educational fund for poor but able schoolchildren and students in Zimbabwe.

Twenty-four students in this southern African nation received support for university-level studies in 2015, while another 35 per cent were helped with upper secondary school fees and exam costs. Most of these recipients are orphans and come from rural communities in Matabeleland, which lies in south-west Zimbabwe.



Moyo lives up to his first name – he is a pleasure to talk with. Now in his second year at university, he is gearing up for his exams and intends to devote his spare time in May to writing. He hopes to do well in all the tests and wants to start his own company once he has graduated in three years time. His ambition is to earn enough to give something back to society.

Moyo has been part of Sabona’s mentor scheme since he was in primary school. The organisation has been supporting children and young people in Zimbabwe since 1999. Sabona assists children and families with food, education and health care fund. It has also helped with infrastructure, started vegetable gardens and installed water, sanitation and electricity.


Being able to follow a child from primary school to university is rewarding. And the opportunities it obviously opens for Moyo are equally uplifting. He says that the best aspect of studying is meeting new people with different backgrounds, which is a good way of learning how the world functions.

His course is teaching him such a lot, and he is finding how to remain strong. He keeps repeating his wish to give something back to those who have helped him get where he is today.

Moyo can become something and he can do something for himself. All he wants is to demonstrate how hard he works and to make everyone who has contributed to his progress proud of him.

The Kavli Trust will be visiting Sabona in Zimbabwe during March. This visit will be followed up by reporting on several young people who have received financial, social and professional help to realise their potential through higher education.

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