25. May 2020

Sharing the story of Kavli on screen

A large new campaign that tells the story of where Kavli’s profit goes, is being rolled out on ITV and online today. The main message: Love to share.

“Our Kavli Trust story isn’t one we’ve shouted from the rooftops in the past – we’ve always worked quietly in the background, but now it’s time for this to shine, says Head of Marketing of Kavli UK, Lisa Thornton.

One of the first things we teach our children is to share. Take something that is ours and share it with someone else. At Primula, that is exactly what we do. Share.

The film opens by telling the story of how all of Kavli’s profit goes to charity. Last year alone, Kavli donated six million pounds to good causes.

“The film shows exactly where the money we donate goes, whether it’s supporting education overseas, contributing to the care of cancer patients, or to getting young people into employment. It’s really important for the consumers to see that end result,” Thornton continues.

Watch the new film here!

Unique business structure

The campaign aims to increase public knowledge about what consumers are contributing to when choosing items such as Primula spreadable cheese and goat milk products from St. Helen’s Farm. It reminds people that “the things you buy make someone’s life better.”

Lisa Thornton, Kavli UK

“I think it’s really important to communicate that all our profits are given to good causes. I think that’s a pretty unique business structure – there are plenty of businesses out there that do great things for charity, but very few give everything away and that’s something we’re incredibly proud of,” Thornton says.

Kavli Trust was established in 1962 by Knut Kavli. Knut was the son of the founder Olav Kavli who started with a small cheese factory in Norway and grew Kavli into a successful international business. Every bit of profit generated from all of the businesses in the Kavli Group are transferred to Kavli Trust where a Board allocates the funds.

Kavli Trust supports humanitarian work, scientific research and culture. Prioritised areas include mental health, inclusion, prevention of exclusion and loneliness.

Proud employees and owners

“We know through employee feedback that it’s something everyone on site is incredibly proud of. Each year our employees are given a chance to nominate a cause close to their heart for a donation too and being able to see the direct result of that is what keeps everyone going,” Thornton says.

The TV advert will be aired on ITV1 during ‘Good Morning Britain’ for four weeks from Monday 25th May. A similar campaign have already been successfully rolled out in Norway.

“Kavli Trust is such a proud owner of Primula, MacLellan and St. Helen’s Farm and we’re very excited to see how the campaign is received in the UK. Even though they are all household brands, consumers are not necessarily aware of what they are supporting when choosing those products. We hope that the campaign will inspire continued support, says Inger Elise Iversen, general manager of Kavli Trust.

Employees at St. Helen’s farm. Photo: Kavli UK

Brief summary of history of the Kavli Trust

  • Kavli Trust was founded in Norway in 1962 by Knut Kavli.
  • His dad, Olav, founded the dairy factory O. Kavli AS in Bergen in 1894. He was the world’s first producer of long-life spreadable cheese.
  • Kavli Trust is the owner of the Kavli Group, with household brands, such as Primula Cheese, St. Helen’s Farm, McLellan, Kavli (spreadable cheese in Norway and Sweden), Druvan, Planti, Verso, Korni and Q-Meieriene.
  • Kavli employs 800 people in four countries, Norway, Sweden, Finland and UK.
  • In 2019, Kavli Trust donated 6 million GBP to good causes.
  • Kavli Trust donations focus on humanitarian work, scientific research and culture.