Strømme Foundation - Myanmar

Political reform has taken place in Myanmar since 2009 and the country has opened itself to the world, but a large proportion of the population is very poor.

With support from the Kavli Trust, Norway’s Strømme Foundation has now launched a five-year project to improve conditions for 3 000 poor families in the Ayeyarwaddy district. The aim is to facilitate their progress from dependence to self-help, primarily by getting them to establish active ownership and participation. That in turn will allow them collectively to create sustainable progress in this Development and Rehabilitation of the Economy of the Poor Through Alternative Means (Dream) project.

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  • Living the dream in Myanmar

    June 10, 2015

    A five-year project to improve the position of 3 000 families in Myanmar’s Ayeyarwaddy district has been launched by Norway’s Strømme Foundation with support from the Kavli Trust.