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Postboks 7360
N-5020 Bergen

Inger Elise Iversen
General manager
Phone: + 47 90 89 45 67

The Kavli Trust supports humanitarian work, research and culture.
Purpose, geographical location and subject are key considerations in selecting the Kavli Trust’s projects. Sixty per cent of its funds are devoted to humanitarian work, 30 per cent to research and 10 to culture.

The trust takes an active approach and primarily seeks out relevant projects for itself. For the time being, new applications are not being considered.

Grant strategy

The trust supports projects with the potential to grow and to become self-financing in the longer term. They are characterised by great success in meeting their goals, and represent able partners whose work creates durable development effects.

The trust wants its various projects to provide mutual inspiration and development for each other. While its support can be long-term, this must not create dependence. The contributions it makes are usually monetary grants, but backing can also take the form of expertise transfer, network building or advice.