Aay's village - Laos

Laos is one of the poorest countries in south-east Asia, and a large proportion of its population lives in poverty. That applies particularly to ethnic minorities.

Aay’s Village, a Norwegian-Laotian voluntary organisation, works to provide educational opportunities for children and young people where the public school system falls short.

Aay’s Village was established in October 2016 through a collaboration between Aay Sinthala of Laos and three young Norwegians – Mari Abrahamsen, Eirik Friele Langeland and Åshild Aarø. This trio became acquainted with Sinthala when they were on a visit to  Laos in 2015.

The Kavli Trust has contributed funding to help establish the organisation and its learning centre for children in the Laotian village of Phonsavath, where Sinthala himself comes from. Support from the trust made it possible, for example, to buy in tablets and educational apps for the centre, which provides daily lessons for 120 children.

Sinthala has been appointed the local leader of and teacher for Aay’s Village in Phonsavath. An additional teacher is due to be hired over the coming year. All other work, including administration, is conducted on a voluntary basis.

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