About the Kavli Trust

A different owner and donor

The Kavli Trust owns Norway’s Kavli group, which produces the well-known Kavli and Primula spreadable cheeses and Q-Meieriene dairy products as well as other food products in Norway, Sweden, Finland and the UK. Profits from the group are distributed to good causes through us. We donated NOK 72.5 million in 2016.

We support projects in three areas.

Humanitarian work: health and education projects related to people living in extreme poverty, mental health of children and young people, outsiders, dementia, the poor and other vulnerable groups.

Research: work on preventing and combating serious illness and on alleviating humanitarian need.

Culture: talented young musicians and projects which provide young and old with good cultural experiences.

Sixty per cent of our donations go to Norway, Sweden, Finland and the UK – countries with a Kavli presence – and 40 per cent to other countries worldwide.

Our support creates spin-offs. We accordingly back projects with the potential to grow and eventually become self-financing. Our work is characterised by extensive collaboration with partners, and by close follow-up and reporting. We are more concerned to see that our support creates benefits than with the overall amount distributed.

We want our commitment and ownership model to inspire other owners to do something similar – helping to support good causes in society.

Download the 2017 information brochure about The Kavli Trust here (pdf) >

  • Gallery

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  • The Kavli group

    The Kavli group is wholly owned by the Kavli Trust through the Kavli Holding AS company. Turnover for the group in 2016 was NOK 3 billion, and we received no less than NOK 150 million in dividend during 2016.

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  • Promotional material

    Download the graphic manual of the Kavli Trust and logos for printed and digital media.

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  • Statutes

    Our statutes describe the trust’s charitable purpose, owner responsibility and basic financing. They also provide guidelines for the composition of our board of trustees.

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  • Our history

    The history of the Kavli Trust began in 1872, the same year that Norway’s King Haakon VII was born, when Olav Kavli also entered the world.

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  • Annual reports

    We produce an annual report every year (in Norwegian only) to explain how our funds are managed and which projects we have supported over these 12 months. You can download reports for the past few years here.

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  • Board and administration

    Members of our board of trustees are required to have competence in the Kavli group’s business areas as well as experience from culture, research or humanitarian work. At least one trustee must have expertise in finance or investment activities.

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