About Kavli Trust

For over 60 years we have donated all profits from the Kavli Group to good causes.

Kavli Trust is the foundation that owns the entire Kavli Group, and which distributes the entire profit to good causes.

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Knut Kavli, son of founder Olav Kavli, established Kavli Trust on April 25, 1962, and made the foundation the sole owner of the Kavli.

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Profits from The Kavli Group, which includes Primula Cheese and Castle MacLellan in the UK, enabled Kavli Trust to allocate £6,8 million to good causes in 2022.

As the sole owner of the Kavli Group, Kavli Trust works purposefully to ensure that the profits from Kavli are managed efficiently and in a way that creates ripple effects in people’s lives, both for individuals and for society.

Our ownership is managed through Kavli Holding AS.

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This is how the funds are allocated

Kavli Trust distributes profits from the Kavli Group in three different ways:


Kavli Trust finds most of the projects they support through outreach activities. The administration of Kavli Trust identifies projects within the foundation’s priority areas. The exception is the Kavli Trust Programme on Health Research. In the current allocation strategy Kavli Trust prioritises projects that promote child and adolescent mental health. The foundation also prioritises projects that promote smart solutions for the climate and environment, especially within responsible consumption and production.


In the years 2017-2025, Kavli Trust will distribute up to NOK 215 million to research in child and adolescent mental health. These funds are
allocated through an annual call for proposals, which is operated by Kavli Trust in collaboration with Dam Foundation (Stiftelsen Dam).


Once a year, the more than 900 employees in the Kavli Group take part in deciding who will receive funding from Kavli through the so-called employee nominations. All employees can nominate local projects in Norway, Sweden, and the UK. In 2022, Kavli’s employees distributed NOK 10 million.


Our annual reports

Funding priorities

Kavli Trust’s allocation strategy prioritises the following areas:
• Child and adolescent mental health, in particular preventive interventions, life skills and education.
• The climate and environment, with an emphasis on responsible consumption and production.

Kavli Trust focuses on four of the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a foundation for our priority areas:

  • Goal 3: Good health and well-being
  • Goal 4: Quality education
  • Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production
  • Goal 13: Combat climate change

Today, about 70 percent of Kavli Trust’s funds are allocated to charitable causes in the four countries where the Kavli Group operates: Norway, Sweden, Finland and the UK. The remaining 30 percent is allocated to international aid projects in countries where poverty is































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  • Promotional material

    Download the Kavli Trust logo for printed and digital media.

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  • Statutes

    Our statutes describe the trust’s charitable purpose, owner responsibility and basic financing. They also provide guidelines for the composition of our board of trustees.

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  • A story worth sharing

    The history of the Kavli Trust began in 1872, the same year that Norway’s King Haakon VII was born, when Olav Kavli also entered the world.

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  • Annual reports

    We produce an annual report every year to explain how our funds are managed and which projects we have supported over the last year.

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  • Administration and board

    Here you can read about our administration and board.

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    This Privacy Policy details how the Kavli Trust processes the personal data that we collect in order to serve our collaborators, the public, and others.

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