Strømme Foundation - Bangladesh

The Socio-Economic Empowerment with Dignity and Sustainability (Seeds) project is being pursued by Norway’s Strømme Foundation with support from the Kavli Trust.

It aims to work purposefully with entrepreneurship and education among 3 000 marginalised poor families from the most vulnerable areas in Bangladesh. The foundation is already pursuing the Shonglap educational programme in the same area, and the project could reach a total of 14-15 000 people.

More about this project

  • Political awakening at local level

    December 20, 2016

    Just over a year has passed since Norway’s Strømme Foundation launched its new project in Bangladesh. The question is how things have gone for this drive to reduce poverty, promote girls’ rights, get more children into school and improve health.

  • Planting sustainable development

    April 11, 2015

    Work by Norway’s Strømme Foundation to encourage entrepreneurship and education in Bangladesh has long been backed by the Kavli Trust. Their partnership is now being extended to a new programme.