12. May 2016

Unlocking early potential

Social mobility in the UK is the lowest in Europe. The Kavli Trust recently agreed to assist an organisation helping disadvantaged youths in Britain to realise their own ambitions.


Many youngsters, particularly in north-eastern England, struggle to discover what they can and want to do in life. The Key helps them to identify where their interests lie.

It also provides young people with assistance in developing their abilities, motivation and inner strength so they can lead successful and independent lives.

The programme is simple, but highly effective. Participants use their own curiosity and imagination to develop a project idea with budget, pitch and plan. Earlier projects have included building a neighbourhood observatory, producing a book about a children’s home and spending a day as a film star. Others involve learning how to dive in order to organise an underwater refuse project in the North Sea, spending a day in a haunted house, and organising a bubble football tournament.

CultureShock steering group

The Key wants to boost the effect of its work by making the programme available to more youngsters. A grant of NOK 1 million from the Kavli Trust will allow it to support 712 additional participants developing a total of 178 different projects.

“This investment will make a huge difference to the lives of disadvantage and vulnerable young people in north-eastern England,” says Hannah Underwood, who heads The Key.

“We’re very pleased to be able to develop our programme and investigate ways we can cooperate with local Kavli group employees to reach our goals.”

Read more at thekeyuk.org.