6. April 2017

Continued collaboration for Nepalese children

The Kavli Trust and Denmark’s Human Practice Foundation are continuing their joint efforts to provide improved schooling for several thousand youngsters in Nepal.

Photo: Human Practice Foundation

The Kavli Trust School Package was established by the Danish foundation with funds from the trust. The partners recently entered into a new agreement on a third bundle.

This covers the provision of 16 libraries, 13 playgrounds, six computer rooms and seven chemical/physics laboratories at 16 schools in the Himalayan nation.

Teachers will also be offered a further education programme, an entrepreneurship initiative is being established, and investment will be made in relevant school equipment for science and the humanities, training and management.

“I created the Human Practice Foundation less than three years ago, and I’ve achieved more than I’d hoped for,” says founder Pernille Kruse Madsen.

“We’ve now started work on the 27th school building, and are seeking to improve education at all these location with the aid of the Kavli Trust package.

“The first two of these programmes helped almost 2 000 Nepalese children, and the third will assist 4 700 more in 2017-21. I’m so proud and so grateful for this fantastic support.”

Her foundation carefully follows up all activities in Nepal to ensure that they yield the positive effect sought. Attendance and performance are therefore measured. That makes it possible to make adjustments along the way if the desired results are lacking.

A separate group of businesspeople is meeting the foundation’s administrative expenses, so that all the funds it receives are devoted directly to the school projects.