26. June 2017

Will help cancer-affected children and adolescents

We can not remove the disease, but we can help children and young people get the help they are entitled to. We want to contribute to making everyday life a bit easier, "says Marianne Hammer in the Cancer Society.

Text and photo: Cancer Association

Marianne Hammer is the head of the Legal Section of the Cancer Society. The Cancer Society’s Legal Aid is a free legal aid offer provided to people who have or have had cancer, and their relatives. Recently, the association received support from the Kavlifondet for a project on cancer-affected children and young people’s rights.

The Cancer Society’s legal aid is incredibly grateful for the support from the Cavalry Fund. The money will benefit cancer-affected children and young people, says Hammer.

A cancer diagnosis usually represents shock and crisis for both children and close relatives.

“The child becomes sick is the parent’s biggest nightmare,” emphasizes Hammer.

Cancer disease not only involves emotional, practical and economic challenges. When you are in the midst of a life crisis, it’s not always easy to know what you claim or what questions you should ask. The Cancer Society’s legal aid is a free legal aid offering that helps children and their parents to fulfill their rights.


The money from the Kavlifondet enables the Cancer Society’s legal aid to strengthen its follow-up of children’s rights, both as sick and as relatives. Through its work, the Cancer Society’s legal aid has learned that today’s major challenge is to ensure that children and young people know their rights and receive the assistance they are entitled to under the law.

– The funds from the Kavlifondet will be used to arrange gatherings in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger and Tromsø. Here we will invite cancer-affected children and adolescents, their relatives, and others who, through their work at the hospital, meet this patient group. We want to talk about the rights of these young people so that they are even better acquainted with their opportunities and get the help they have, Hammer explains.