12. December 2017

Shortlist for focused research funding

Ten chosen candidates are now being given the chance to submit a more comprehensive application for funds from the Kavli Trust to study mental health issues affecting children and young people.

That follows the offer of NOK 25 million made by the trust during the summer to support research projects which answer selected questions in this field.
These issues were picked after scientists had identified gaps in current knowledge for submission to a group of specialist and user organisations, which then ranked them in order of priority.

The 10 areas of ignorance with the highest rankings were then formulated as research questions, and formed part of the invitation to apply for funding.
A background article on this procedure was published by the trust this autumn under the title Avoiding redundant health research – which is the point of the exercise.

In collaboration with the Norwegian Cancer Society and Norway’s ExtraStiftelsen foundation, the trust will be holding a breakfast meeting on the issue next February.

‘A total of 31 applications were received – two from Sweden, five from the UK and 14 from Norway – seeking project funding of NOK 8.2 million on average.
These proposals have been assessed in turn by a committee of high-profile American scientists, who selected the 10 candidates which can now explain their projects in more detail.

The chosen projects aim to learn more about the effects of
– measures for children who have experienced violence in close relationships
– measures for dealing with school refusal
– group measures for children and young people who have experienced family breakup
– measures to improve mental health among children who are refugees or asylum-seekers
– school-based measures to prevent suicide attempts and self-harming
– psychological therapy versus antidepressants or combination therapy
– psychotherapeutic treatment of internalising and externalising problems
– feedback-informed treatment.

Two or three of the applications are expected to be accepted, with the Kavli Trust due to take its final decision in March. In the meantime, however, a new application round will be opened. Anyone who knows of research teams in Norway, Sweden, Finland or the UK whose work could be relevant should urge them to apply. They can go here to register >