9. April 2018

Stepping up for youth in South Africa

The Kavli Trust has decided to extend their cooperation with LEAP Science and Math Schools in South Africa. The new agreement will ensure 120 young South Africans access to high-quality education in the years to come.

“Receiving this level of financial support from the Kavli Trust is fantastic, and the entire LEAP “family” celebrates this wonderful gift”, says Anthony Galloway, Founding Chairman of the LEAP Science and Math Schools.

The parties have agreed on a collaboration whereby the Kavli Trust will provide LEAP with 6 million NOK for 2018 and 2019 to support l20 LEAP students for the full academic years of 2018 and 2019.

Whole child development

The LEAP education model focuses on “whole child” development with the goal of transforming the learners into both academically qualified students when they graduate from LEAP, as well as balanced, emotionally resilient, socially mature young adults who will become leaders in their communities in the future.

“The fact that the Kavli Trust has approved a second 2-year commitment is evidence of the strength and power of the relationship that has developed between LEAP and the Kavli Trust since 2016,” says Anthony.

Shared values

“Our partnership is based on shared values and a common commitment to change the lives of disadvantaged children through high-quality education. Entering into a new agreement that provides even greater support to LEAP is testimony to the trust, faith, belief and integrity that we share together, and that is what we truly value and celebrate.”

“We are pleased to announce the new agreement and look forward to another two years of close collaboration with LEAP, their students and their outstanding staff. We strongly believe in the importance of LEAP’s role within the context of the educational crisis in South Africa’s disadvantaged communities,” says Inger Elise Iversen, general manager at the Kavli Trust.

100 percent pass rate

She points out that the track-record of sustained success since 2004 shows just how well the LEAP model works. One fresh success story is the matric class of 2017 at the LEAP School 4 in Diepsloot who recently became the first class at LEAP 4 to achieve an incredible 100 percent pass rate.

“This is especially amazing when you consider their backgrounds,” says Inger Elise Iversen.

The Kavli Trust in South Africa

The administration and the board of the Kavli Trust visited LEAP Schools in the township communities in Johannesburg and Cape Town at the end of last year.

“We were deeply impressed by both students and teachers at the schools, and learned a lot from the conversations with the student who showed us around at the school facilities. We returned to Norway richer and inspired, and even more proud to be a part of the LEAP family,” says Inger Elise Iversen.

Lungiswa Gwaai, who is a former LEAP student, is the Event Manager at the central team of LEAP. She guided the Kavli Trust through the township of Langa, her own local community in Cape Town. Photo: Hanne Eide Andersen/Kavli Trust

“The new agreement will give us assurance and confidence. Together with other key LEAP donors, it creates a financial foundation that enables the LEAP leaders and staff to focus on their core purpose: giving their students the best education that they can,” says Anthony Galloway.

“We hope to continue to work together for many more years to come in pursuit of our mutual commitment to improve the lives of those who are unable to do so on their own.”

He also hopes that the new agreement also serves as an example and inspiration that others can follow.

“Our goal is to use this example to generate a multiple number of similar donations in the coming months and years on our pathway to achieving long-term financial sustainability,” says Anthony Galloway.

Photo on top: The three LEAP students, from left to right are Sibusiso Khumalo, Zodwa Ntshebe and Lihle Pokolo. Photo by Hanne Eide Andersen, The Kavli Trust

BACKGROUND – results and achievements of LEAP 2017

• The LEAP class of 2017 achieved a 94% pass rate

• LEAP outperformed the National Average of 75% by 19 percentage points

• LEAP has achieved our highest ever Bachelor Pass Rate of 71%

• LEAP has ensured that 90% of our students are able to access tertiary education at University or Technical University level

• LEAP 4 and LEAP 5 celebrated a 100% matric pass rate

• LEAP 5 achieved a 100% bachelors pass rate

• A total number of 144 distinctions have been achieved

• 3 students achieved 6 distinctions