3. December 2018

NOK 5,7 million to research on internet-delivered treatments for depressed adolescents

The Kavli Trust awards NOK 5.7 million to research on internet-delivered psychological treatments for adolescents with depression.

“It is with great joy we receive this grant from the Kavli Trust. We are happy to get this chance to conduct important research on internet-delivered psychological treatments for adolescents with depression,” said Björn Philips, associate professor in clinical psychology at Stockholm University and principal investigator of the project.

“There is a large need of increasing the access of effective treatments for teenagers suffering from depression and to expand the knowledge about what treatment works for whom,” said Björn Philips.

 Associate professor Björn Philips is principal investigator of the project. Photo: Henrik Dunér

The project addresses the research gaps “What is the effect and cost effectiveness of digital health interventions for children and adolescents with mental health problems?”, and “What is the effect of feedback-informed measures on treatment effectiveness in children and adolescents?”.

The project can provide knowledge regarding the effectiveness of internet-delivered psychodynamic therapy, and internet-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy in reducing depressive symptoms in adolescents with depression.

It can also provide knowledge regarding the cost-effectiveness of the two treatments.

In addition, the project provides knowledge regarding whether enhanced feedback to therapist increases the effect of treatment.

The research team possess extensive, relevant experience. The host institution is the Department of Psychology, Stockholm University. Important collaborators include Linköping University, University of Oslo and University College London.

The project period is 2019-2023.

Top photo: From the left Karin Lindqvist, Jakob Mechler, Björn Philips and Per Carlbring at the Department of Psychology, Stockholm University. Photo: Philip Lindner 

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Internet-based interventions increase access to psychological treatments and cost-effectiveness

Members of the research team

At the Department of Psychology, Stockholm University
Principal investigator Björn Philips, associate professor
Per Carlbring, professor
Jakob Mechler, MSc, doctoral candidate
Karin Lindqvist, MSc, doctoral candidate
Robert Johansson, associate professor

At the Department of Behavoural Sciences and Learning, Linköping University
Gerhard Andersson, professor
Fredrik Falkenström, associate professor
Naira Topooco, PhD

At the University College London
Nicholas Midgley, PhD
Julian Edbrooke-Childs, PhD

At the University of Oslo
Randi Ulberg, MD, professor
Hanne-Sofie Johnsen Dahl, PhD

The research group also includes Rolf Sandell, professor emeritus, Lund University, Peter Lilliengren, PhD, Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College, and Agneta Thorén, PhD, Erica Foundation.