14. March 2019

New agreement to support education for children in Nepal

Kavli Trust assigns 7.5 million Kroner to Human Practice Foundation and their work on education for children in Nepal. Capacity building of teachers and school administration will contribute to a better education for 13,000 children.

The support is given over a three year period, and will support the new “Impact Education Programme” run by Human Practice Foundation (HPF). The programme aims to enhance the quality of education in Taplejung in Nepal.

“The programme will have a huge impact for 13.000 children in Taplejung. We will work with the school administration, teachers and children to enhance the learning environment and improve pedagogical and academic quality, says manager and founder of Human Practice Foundation”, Pernille Kruse Madsen.

The programme will ensure quality education through intensive work in collaboration with the school administration, teachers, pupils and parents.

“The school administration will receive training in effective and inclusive running of the school. Teachers will be taught new educational methodologies and further their academic levels in English, IT and Maths. Additionally, we will hold workshops with the pupils, aiming to create a safe, inclusive and nourishing learning environment in the schools. We will invite parents to participate to make sure that they support and take part in their children’s education”, Pernille Kruse Madsen explains.

There will be a particular focus on IT, English and Mathematics, all of which are practical subjects that could open up opportunities for young people in Taplejung. The HPF is starting an education team to implement the programme locally. The team will have a strong presence in the schools, in order to support the workshops and follow up on the operational side of things, ensuring best practice.

“Our teams will also work with impact assessment, to follow progress in each school consecutively, and identify what challenges to work on specifically”, says Pernille Kruse Madsen.

She thinks that the programme is a natural next step for HPF.
“We have built 34 schools in Taplejung and improved facilities. Now, we want to work with our local teams and the schools to ensure that what has been built is utilised in a way that is improving standards of education for the children, she says and continues:

“It is wonderful for Human Practice Foundation to have such a long term collaboration with Kavli Trust. This way we can continue our work with quality education in Taplejung and ensure that the work has a positive impact for the children, strengthening their future opportunities.”

“Kavli Trust is very happy to be able to continue this excellent collaboration with Human Practice Foundation and hereby contribute to ensuring quality education for even more children in Nepal”, says Inger Elise Iversen, CEO of Kavli Foundation.

“The support from Kavli Foundation will contribute to offering young people an education that matters. It is not enough to give them any old classroom and learning resources. Ensuring an high-quality education with qualified teachers and a school administration is essential for offering an education which opens up real opportunities for their future. We are looking forward to following Human Practice Foundation as it carries out this work in Nepal”, says Inger Elise Iversen.