23. November 2019

Child and adolescent mental health: What research should we fund?

Are you a patient, a carer or a health professional involved with the child and adolescent mental health services? If so, you can take part in deciding which research projects should receive funding from Kavli Trust’s Health Research Programme.

– “By completing the survey you will impact the decision on how the Kavli Trust research grants will be spent,” says Jan-Ole Hesselberg, Programme Manager in the Kavli Trust Programme on Health Research.

Have your say

Kavli Trust will be allocating new mental health research grants, and invites patients, carers and mental health professionals to give their opinion into where this funding should be prioritised.

Contribute to the survey by the 30th of November!

A list of 29 evidence gaps are presented in the survey. From these, each participant can select five of their preferred areas of research.

Important user contribution

The evidence gaps have been identified by experts in the field of child and adolescent mental health. The next step is to find which of these evidence gaps that will be prioritised when the call for proposals is announced.

“During this process it is important that both patients, carers and health professionals contribute with their knowledge and experience. They are the ones who will make use of the research and are closest to the situations to be researched. Therefore, we invite these three user groups to specific input by ranking the importance of these evidence gaps,” Hesselberg says.

Allocating 20 million kroner every year

Input from the user groups will form the foundation for which evidence gaps are to be included in the next call for proposals by the Programme on Health Research.

Each year Kavli Trust’s Programme on Health Research will allocate 20 million kroner (about EUR 2 million) for research projects within the field of child and adolescent mental health.

“Kavli Trust wants to help reduce research waste, and to ensure that research is useful and valuable for patients, carers and society. The Kavli Trust Programme on Health Research is therefore developed to provide new knowledge on specific evidence gaps in child and adolescent mental health. To succeed we are completely dependent on participation and collaboration from everyone involved. We hope that many will use this opportunity for specific user involvement,” says Ida Svege, senior advisor in the Kavli Trust Programme in Health Research.

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How to have your say:

  • Find the survey here: What research should Kavli Trust Fund?
  • In the survey you will be asked to rank identified evidence gaps according to what you think is the most important.
  • You will also be asked to give your name, gender, level of education, profession and user group (patient, carer or health professional)

Questions? Please get in touch!

Please get in touch with us with you have any questions about the survey or about The Kavli Trust Programme on Health Research.

Jan-Ole Hesselberg | Programme Manager
joh@kavlifondet.no | +47 900 71 673

Ida Svege | Senior Advisor
ics@kavlifondet.no | +47 917 11 952