9. December 2020

Spreadable cheese contributed 94 million to good causes

Profits from The Kavli Group, including Primula Cheese in Britain, made it possible for Kavli Trust to donate 94 million Norwegian kroner to good causes this year.

This week, Kavli Trust made the last allocation of the year.

Kavli Trust is the sole owner of The Kavli Group. Every year, all profits are donated to charitable causes. The profits from well known brands in four countries, including Primula Cheese in Britain, have increased steadily the past few years. Consequently, allocations have also increased.

“By choosing one of our products, you help solve some of the greatest social challenges of our times,” says Inger Elise Iversen, General Manager at Kavli Trust.

Since 2012, Kavli Trust has donated 675 million Norwegian kroner to scientific research, humanitarian work and cultural projects.

Most funds are allocated to projects in the four countries where The Kavli Group operates; Norway, Sweden, Finland and Britain. The remaining funds are allocated to international aid projects.

The past few years, the foundation has prioritised measures targeting child and adolescent mental health, focussing in particular on education and life mastery, and on combating exclusion.

“We believe it is more important than ever to look beyond our own borders, combine forces globally and make sure children and adolescents all over the world are safe and have the same opportunities for a good future,” says Inger Elise Iversen.

“These initiatives will be strengthened in the years to come. With profits from our companies, Kavli Trust will continue to work for all children and adolescents to have good and safe lives, and be able to develop their skills, says Iversen.


  • Kavli Trust is a Norwegian non-profit foundation that owns The Kavli Group, and donates all its profits to good causes.
  • The Kavli Group was established in 1893 by Olav Kavli
  • In 1962, his son, Knut Kavli, established the Kavli Trust and transferred the entire business to the foundation.
  • The Kavli Group employs about 800 people and operates in four countries, producing well-known brands such as Primula Cheese in Britain, Kavli and Q-Meieriene in Norway, and Kavli and Planti in Sweden and Finland.
  • Kavli Trust’s main priorities are measures targeting child and adolescent mental health, inclusion and life mastery.