17. December 2021

Spreadable Cheese contributed £7,8 million to good causes in 2021

Profits from The Kavli Group, which includes Primula Cheese and Castle MacLellan in the UK, enabled Kavli Trust to allocate £7,8 million to good causes in 2021.


“This year, we have allocated £7,8 million to projects within humanitarian work, research and culture,” says General Manager at Kavli Trust, Inger Elise Iversen, following the board’s final allocations of the year on December 15.

Kavli Trust is the sole owner of The Kavli Group, which includes Primula Cheese og Castle MacLellan in the UK. The Kavli Group also has food companies in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

In accordance with its articles of association, Kavli Trust allocates all profits from The Kavli Group to good causes. Since 2012, Kavli Trust has allocated a total of £62,7 million.

General Manager at Kavli Trust, Inger Elise Iversen. Photo: Anne Elisabeth Næss/Kavli Trust

Child and adolescent mental health in focus

In recent years, Kavli Trust has focused on projects and low-threshold measures strengthening child and adolescent mental health.

“We will continue to invest in this field in the years to come. It is more important than ever to contribute to all children and young people experiencing well-being, security and belonging,” says Inger Elise Iversen.

“A climate and environment responsibility”

In addition, Kavli Trust supports several projects promoting climate and environmental solutions.

“As part of the food business, we have a responsibility and a potential to contribute to good solutions within responsible consumption and production of food. The fight against food waste is therefore another main focus,” according to Iversen.

Supports projects in several countries

Most funds are allocated to good causes in the four countries where The Kavli Group operates: the UK, Norway, Sweden and Finland. The remaining funds are allocated to aid projects supporting education for children and adolescents and climate and environmental solutions.


  • Kavli Trust is the sole owner of The Kavli Group, and allocates all its profits to good causes.
  • The Kavli Group employs 840 people in four countries, and includes well-known brands such as Primula Cheese and Castle Maclellan in the UK, Kavli and Q-Meieriene in Norway, and Kavli, Druvan, Johnny’s and Planti in Sweden and Finland.
  • The Kavli Group was founded in Norway by Olav Kavli in 1893. He invented and launched the world’s first spreadable cheese in a tube in the 1920s.
  • In 1962, Olav’s son Knut Kavli transferred the entire business to Kavli Trust, as he and his wife Karin Kavli did not have any children.
  • The articles of association commits Kavli Trust to allocate all profits to good causes within humanitarian work, research and culture.
  • In 2021-2023, Kavli Trust has decided to emphasize preventive measures for child and adolescent mental health, inclusion and life skills in its allocations.


Inger Elise Iversen, General Manager at Kavli Trust
ingerelise.iversen@kavlifondet.no // +47 908 94 567

Hanne Eide Andersen, Head of Communications
hanne.andersen@kavlifondet.no // +47 99 562 948