Maternity Foundation - Ethiopia

The Maternity Foundation is a voluntary Danish organisation working in Ethiopia to reduce maternal mortality by training health workers and giving health education to village women.

Aimed at increasing the number of births with qualified health personnel present, this project – in cooperation with the medical authorities – has given training to 80 000 poor rural residents and health workers. The number of Ethiopian women giving birth with the assistance of qualified health personnel has risen by 60 per cent.

More about this project

  • Making maternity even safer

    April 04, 2017

    Giving birth in Ethiopia has become much safer since 1990, but 13 000 women and 100 000 newborns still die every year. A new grant from the Kavli Trust to Denmark’s Maternity Foundation aims to improve this position.

  • Better health for mothers and children in Ethiopia

    March 17, 2017

    Maternity Worldwide is a Danish humanitarian organization that since 2005 has worked to save the Ethiopian women and children's lives during pregnancy and childbirth. Kavli Trust is the supporter.