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The Ethiopia Fund has long supported fistula surgeries for women in Asella, Ethiopia. From now on, they will also work to support the women socially and economically after surgery.

Fistulas caused by complications during childbirth are common in developing countries where women have little or no access to medical help during labour. The damage to internal organs in the lower abdomen cause leakages and odour. For this reason, many women experience social isolation and banishment in addition to the medical consequences.

With support from the Kavli Trust, The Ethiopia Fund will establish a centre for education and reintegration for women treated for fistulas.

At the centre, the women will have access to basic vocational training, training in writing and maths, and information on health issues, enabling the women to manage on their own and contribute to society.

In the long run, this will also contribute to promoting female health issues, and reduce child mortality. When the women are reintegrated into their communities, they will be able to share information on healthcare, pregnancy care and safe childbirth. This can help reduce the occurrence of fistulas and help women suffering from fistulas seek treatment.

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    February 09, 2018

    With support from the Kavli Trust, Ethiopian women treated for fistulas will be given a new beginning and help to reintegrate into their communities.