30. June 2022

Our goal: “Solving the great social challenges of our time”

“Kavli Trust will contribute to solving the great social challenges of our time,” says General Manager of Kavli Trust, Inger Elise Iversen. The foundation’s allocation strategy puts child and adolescent mental health, climate and the environment at the top of the agenda.

The Kavli Trust statutes say that Kavli Trust shall support humanitarian work, scientific research and culture. In addition, the foundation has adopted an allocation strategy that is revised and renewed on a regular basis.

“We wish to ensure that the potential of the Kavli Trust funds is maximised, and that we at any given time contribute to solving major, current social challenges,” says Iversen.

Child and adolescent mental health

Two areas have been given top priority in the foundation’s allocation strategy.

“We will continue and strengthen the recent years’ commitment to interventions for child and adolescent mental health. This was on the agenda long before the pandemic, but has become even more important now,” says Head of Strategy and Development in Kavli Trust, Rune Mørland.

“It is crucial for our society that children and young people are healthy, safe and have the opportunity to develop their skills,” he says.

Kavli Trust will especially support projects that promote inclusion, life skills and education.

“Education and confidence are key for children and young people to become resources both in their own lives and find their place in the community. This is an investment in our children as well as in our common future,” he states.

Responsible consumption and production

In addition, Kavli Trust will prioritise projects that support the UN Sustainability Goal 12 for responsible consumption and production, and Goal 13 to combat climate change.

“As the owner of a food group, Kavli Trust has a special responsibility and potential to contribute to sustainable solutions within consumption and production. We will look for innovative interventions for redistribution, management and reuse of resources,” says Head of Analysis and Reporting in Kavli Trust, Guro Hjetland Sundsby.

In 2021, Kavli Trust gained several new collaborative partners who contribute to the two priority areas.

“We are looking forward to finding even more partners who can help solve these challenges,” she says.

More projects in the UK and Sweden

Another important goal in the strategy is to increase the number of projects that receive funding in the UK and Sweden.

“We are constantly working to develop our work with the allocations, and we are pleased with the increase in the number of projects in Sweden and the UK last year. Kavli Trust’s companies in these two countries make a significant contribution to the profits that the foundation can distribute each year to good causes. It is a real pleasure to be ble to share the profits with consumers and communities in these two countries,” says Inger Elise Iversen.

Kavli Trust often supports projects where cultural activities are a tool to promote inclusion and child and adolescent mental health. (Photo: Kulturhjerte)

Selecting projects

With the exception of the Kavli Trust Programme on Health Research for child and adolescent mental health, Kavli Trust does not call for proposals. The Kavli Trust administration finds potential projects through outreach activities and doing its own research.

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“We also obtain advice and expertise from external professional environments,” says Inger Elise Iversen.

Relevant projects are invited to submit an application which is processed by the Board of Kavli Trust.

Commitment over time

The forecasts show that Kavli Trust will be able to allocate around NOK 100 million a year for the next three years.

“These are funds that will make a difference both for individuals and for society. It is crucial that we use them well,” she says, emphasising the importance of a clear, professionally adapted allocation strategy.

“There are many charitable causes that need funding. To contribute to long-term, positive change, we must focus on selected areas over time.”

This article was also published in Kavli Trust’s annual report for 2021. In the report you can also find more information about our work and the projects that received support last year. 

Top image:
Kavli Trust allocated NOK 3 million for the establishment of Guttas Campus Nord in 2021. The funds will be distributed over three years. Here from a press conference with Guttas Campus, mayor in Harstad municipality Kari-Anne Opsal and other local partners in March 2022. (Photo: Tomas Rolland / UiT Norwegian Arctic University)