21. June 2023

Katrine Trovik new trustee of the Kavli Trust

“We are pleased to announce that Katrine Trovik will become a new trustee of the Kavli Trust, which distributes the profits from the Kavli companies to good causes", says Chair of the Kavli Trust, Dag J. Opedal.

“Katrine Trovik will strengthen the Kavli Trust Board as an experienced, competent and professional senior manager and trustee”, says Opedal.

He points out that Trovik, in addition to a number of board positions in private and public enterprises, also has broad experience from boards in humanitarian organisations, research and culture, which are the three main areas for the Kavli Trust’s non-profit activities.

“Trovik has the ideal background to become an important contributor to the Kavli Trust, both in its role as owner of the Kavli Group, and in the non-profit work where we aim to get the most possible value for society out of the funds we distribute to good causes. We are very pleased to announce her as our new trustee,” says Dag J. Opedal.

Experienced manager

Katrine Trovik has many years of management experience from both Norwegian and international business, primarily in finance.

For ten years, she held a number of key roles in senior management for corporate banking in DNB, with responsibility for the business portfolio in Western Norway. She also led DNB’s South American venture with the financing of aquaculture/fisheries as well as energy projects.

Trovik has a degree in economics from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), and has a law degree from the University of Bergen. She came to DNB with ten years of experience as a business lawyer and partner in two of Norway’s largest law firms, with a focus on financing transactions and company law.

“Completely unique”

Since 2019, Katrine Trovik has had full-time board work primarily within finance and the marine industries, but also with several positions within culture, research and non-profit organisations.

“I am looking forward to becoming part of the Kavli Trust Board. With the foundation as the sole owner of the Kavli Group, the value creation in its entirety goes to publicly beneficial purposes. This is completely unique in the Norwegian context, and gives me a strong motivation to contribute with my skills,” says Trovik.

“I look forward to getting to know both the foundation and the company better and all the wonderful people who make up Kavli,” she says.

Thanks to Aksel Mjøs

Trovik takes over from Aksel Mjøs, who has left the board after many years working for the Kavli Trust and the Kavli Group.

Aksel Mjøs. Photo: Anne Elisabeth Næss

Mjøs joined the Board of Kavli Holding in 2002, and became a trustee of the Kavli Trust in 2004.

“Aksel Mjøs, through his board positions in the Kavli Group and the Kavli Trust, has put in a significant number of hours for our unique ownership and good causes. With great commitment, authenticity and a high degree of competence, he has created significant value for good causes. We thank him for his solid effort,” says Chair Dag. J. Opedal.

Following the election of Katrine Trovik, the Board of the Kavli Trust consists of Dag J. Opedal (chair), Solfrid Lind, Lise Hammergren, Erik Volden and Katrine Trovik.

Photo for free use can be downloaded here.

Contact persons
Dag J. Opedal, chair of the Kavli Trust: djopedal@gmail.com / +47 900 40 460
Katrine Trovik, trustee: kt@propago.no / +47 481 95 660


  • The Kavli Trust is an independent, non-profit foundation and sole owner of the Kavli Group.
  • Every year, the Kavli Trust distributes the entire profit from the Kavli Group (after operations and development) for good purposes.
  • In total, the Kavli Trust has distributed NOK 1.2 billion since the foundation was established in 1962 (by the owner of Kavli Group, Knut Kavli, son of the group’s founder, Olav Kavli).
  • The Kavli Trust’s statutes define that the not-for-profit organisation must contribute to promoting humanitarian purposes, research and culture.
  • Priority areas in the coming years include promoting child and adolescent mental health and contributing to solutions for climate and the environment.
  • The Kavli Group is one of Norway’s largest, oldest and most international food groups with food production in Norway (Kavli and Q-Meieriene), Sweden (Kavli Sverige), Finland (Kavli Suomi) and UK (Primula Cheese and Castle MacLellan), with a total of 900 employees.
  • The income for the Kavli Trust comes from the sale of food products under the Kavli brand and strong, local brands such as Primula, Druvan, Eriks, Planti and brands from Q-Meieriene to markets in the Nordics and in the UK.
  • The Board of the Kavli Trust is responsible for ensuring compliance with the statutes that Knut Kavli laid down when he established the Kavli Trust in 1962.
  • The Kavli Group is 100 percent owned by the Kavli Trust through Kavli Holding AS.
  • The Board of the Kavli Trust represents the ownership and the Annual General Meeting of Kavli Holding AS.
  • In addition to allocating funds to good causes, the Board of the Kavli Trust exercises ownership and manages the foundation’s other funds.