13. June 2023

New General Manager of the Kavli Trust

Ingrid Paasche will become the new general manager of the Kavli Trust.


Ingrid Paasche will become the new general manager of the Kavli Trust, the Norwegian foundation that owns and distributes all its profits from the Kavli Group to good causes.

Paasche says “the Kavli Trust is a unique owner and foundation that makes a big difference for many. I am looking forward to getting to know the Kavli companies and all the employees. It is a privilege to be able to work with something so meaningful and to be able to influence important societal challenges every day.”

She comes from the real estate agency Eiendomsmegler Vest in Bergen, Norway, where she has held the position of director of business and market development.

“I look forward to using my experience and expertise to further develop the Kavli Trust and contribute to ensuring that we maximise the value of the funds that are distributed for humanitarian, scientific and cultural causes,” says Paasche.

Ingrid Paasche.

Ingrid Paasche is educated at the University of Bergen, BI Business School and the Norwegian School of Business. She has undertaken The Solstrand programme at AFF (Norway’s largest leadership and organisational development consultancy), and has extensive experience with strong brands, non-profit activities and business development, including from the renewables company Eviny (formerly BKK) and the banking group Sparebanken Vest.

Paasche takes over from Inger Elise Iversen, who has led the Kavli Trust since 2011.

Growth and good results in the Kavli Group have led to an increase in allocations from NOK 17 million in 2010 to a record high NOK 131 million in 2018. In 2022, the Kavli Trust distributed a total of NOK 81.5 million.

Ingrid Paasche. Foto: Anne Elisabeth Næss

“I have been part of a fantastic journey over these years. The strong growth in allocations has opened up exciting opportunities for development. It has also placed new demands on our work in order for the funds to be of the greatest possible use,” says Iversen, who voluntarily resigns from the position on 1 February next year.

Chairman of the Kavli Trust, Dag J. Opedal, expresses gratitude to Iversen, saying that “under her inspiring and value-creating leadership, the Kavli Trust has become professional in all aspects. Iversen has left deep and lasting traces that benefit many people”.

“At the same time, it is with great satisfaction and high expectation that the Board of the Kavli Trust passes the baton on to Ingrid Paasche. We are pleased that the Kavli Trust has recruited a general manager with her background and genuine commitment to our ownership and the good causes we support,” says Opedal.

Contact persons

Inger Elise Iversen, outgoing general manager: ingerelise.iversen@kavlifondet.no / +47+47 908 94 567
Ingrid Paasche, incoming general manager / +47 907 55 770
Dag J. Opedal, Chairman: djopedal@gmail.com / +47 900 40 460


  • Kavli Trust is an independent, non-profit foundation and sole owner of the Kavli Group.
  • Every year, the Kavli Trust distributes the entire profit from the Kavli Group (after operations and development) for good purposes.
  • In total, the Kavli Trust has distributed NOK 1.2 billion since the foundation was established in 1962 (by the owner of Kavli Group, Knut Kavli, son of the group’s founder, Olav Kavli).
  • The Kavli Trust’s statutes define that the not-for-profit organisation must contribute to promoting humanitarian purposes, research and culture.
  • Priority areas in the coming years include promoting child and adolescent mental health and contributing to solutions for climate and the environment.
  • The Kavli Group is one of Norway’s largest, oldest and most international food groups with food production in Norway (Kavli and Q-Meieriene), Sweden (Kavli Sverige), Finland (Kavli Suomi) and UK (Primula Cheese and Castle MacLellan), with a total of 900 employees.
  • The Kavli Group is 100 percent owned by the Kavli Trust through Kavli Holding AS.
  • The income for the Kavli Trust comes from the sale of food products under the Kavli brand and strong, local brands such as Primula, Druvan, Eriks, Planti and brands from Q-Meieriene to markets in the Nordics and in the UK.