27. May 2024

Stronger together for good causes!

"Our founders’ unique vision empowers Kavli Trust to make a real impact." Read General Manager, Ingrid Paasche's editorial in Kavli Trust's Annual report 2023.

Message from the General Manager in Kavli Trust´s annual report 2023

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2023 was yet another year marked by war, conflict, economic hardship and climate change. These challenges shaped the lives of countless individuals and societies globally.

However, it was also a year of opportunity for me, as I stepped into my role as the new general manager of Kavli Trust. Leading this foundation, which receives and distributes all profits from the Kavli Group for charitable causes, has been an immense honour and privilege.

NEW GENERAL MANAGER: Ingrid Paasche. Photo: Martin Lavik Nygaard/Kavli

One of the most rewarding aspects of my role has been witnessing the dedication and expertise of the organisations we support. Their commitment to making a difference with Kavli Group profits aligns perfectly with our founders’ vision, Olav Kavli and Knut Kavli.

I am equally inspired by the values and pride displayed by Kavli Group employees knowing that their hard work directly benefits worthy causes.

Since its establishment by Knut Kavli in 1962, Kavli Trust has distributed more than NOK 1.3 billion for humanitarian aid, research and cultural initiatives. In 2023 alone, we allocated NOK 50.2 million.

From the sale of our spread cheese, milk, and other quality food products, we are able to support projects both in our own communities and in countries where the needs are the greatest.

Our founders’ unique vision empowers Kavli Trust to make a real impact. In these challenging times, it’s more important than ever to leverage our opportunities. To overcome today’s complex issues, the public, private and voluntary sectors must join forces, recognising that the welfare state alone cannot address every need. Cross-sector collaboration is key to maximising resources and achieving shared goals.

Collaboration defines Kavli Trust’s approach. We strive to actively support projects and often work with other foundations, professional groups and the public sector to achieve positive change. It is through cooperation that we ensure the best possible use of Kavli Trust’s resources.

We are especially proud of our health research programme in collaboration with Dam Foundation.

Guttas Campus is one of our key partners, and we fully support their message for boys who find school challenging:

Stronger together!