Kavli Trust’s guidelines for comments section

Kavli Trust appreciates feedback and engagement. We wish to have a high tolerance for a multitude of opinions, and to create a space where people can share viewpoints, knowledge and perspectives in our comments section. We invite open and frank conversations, fact-based discussions and constructive feedback. Everyone should feel safe in our comments section.

If you leave a comment on content published by Kavli Trust, we therefore ask that you follow our rules and guidelines. These apply on all digital media platforms managed by Kavli Trust where there is a comments section.

Kavli Trust reserves the right to delete, block and report comments that break our rules.

  • We require that you use your full name when commenting in all of Kavli Trust’s comments sections.
  • Hate speech, personal abuse and harassment are not accepted.

We ask you to avoid:

  • personal attacks or harassment
  • misconstrued representations or deliberate misinterpretation
  • excessive and/or inconsequential use of foul language and profanity
  • false information
  • calls for or violations of Norwegian law
  • spamming (comments about, or links to, content that is not relevant to the issue being discussed, including links to advertising, marketplaces or fundraising campaigns)
  • posts that identify children and young people, or other individuals who need special protection
  • posts that disclose personal data and private information about yourself or others

Take responsibility

You can help make the comments section a safe space for everyone. Kavli Trust works to strengthen child and adolescent mental health, and to prevent exclusion and loneliness. We encourage you to pay particular attention to your language when your comments involve children and young people. This also applies when referring to vulnerable individuals and groups.

● For more advice on online etiquette, we recommend visting Save the Children’s Online Safety Checklist. 

Deleting, blocking and banning

If you break our rules and guidelines for commenting, Kavli Trust can delete or block your comment and/or ban you from commenting on our social media platforms and websites.

Facebook: If Kavli Trust uses the function to block your comment from our comments section, the comment will only be visible to you and your friends on Facebook. Please note that we generally do not moderate such comments further.

In case of repeated violations of our guidelines, we will block and ban users from our social media groups.

Remember that even if we delete or block your post, you are personally responsible for what you write, and you can be prosecuted if you break the law.

If you see other comments in our comment fields that you believe violate our guidelines, or if you have questions related to these guidelines, please contact us by email:

kavlifondet @ kavlifondet.no