StS EDA - Ethiopia

The Self to Self Economic Development Association (StS EDA) wants to help boost planting of trees and other vegetation in southern Ethiopia to benefit both the climate and the economy.

Its goal is to increase income for poor farming families and others interested in plant cultivation, and to enhance awareness among rural people about the benefits of green cover for the climate, species diversity, animal fodder and human and animal wellbeing.

Whole families receive teaching about and practical experience with cultivating various plants, and six new schools are planned during 2017. These will be ecological, using natural fertiliser and dealing with insect pests manually.

More about this project

  • Her own store with cash support

    May 08, 2018

    Finally, Etagne (36) received the opportunity to create her own business. With cash support from StS EDA and the Kavli Trust, and a free piece of land from her brother, she has established her own store.

  • Southern Ethiopia: – The cash support changed everything

    January 26, 2018

    "Before we began receiving cash support, we were poor, and our house was falling apart. Everything has changed now," says Yenealem Yedenna. With support from the Kavli Trust, StS EDA can carry out effective village development in southern Ethiopia.

  • Great happiness over others’ progress

    December 20, 2016

    Leading the Self to Self Economic Development Association (StS EDA) in Ethiopia makes Pastor Ketema Kamile deeply happy. “We help the poor, the disabled, the HIV positive, widows and divorced women with painful lives,” he explains.