Young Cancer - Sweden

Supporting young cancer patients

Young Cancer supports young adults who have or have had cancer, and their next of kin. As a part of this work they give out grants to those in need of economic support. The grants can help pay for rent, medication, conversation support and physical rehabilitation. This way, Young Cancer makes sure that no young person with cancer is fighting alone.

Kavli Trust has so far funded Young Cancer with NOK 1.5 million, enabling them to maintain the grant scheme and continue their work to improve the life of young cancer patients.

More about this project

  • Supporting young cancer patients with grants

    May 22, 2020

    Being diagnosed, living with or surviving cancer is a challenging experience in whatever form it takes. Young Cancer is making that time a little easier.

  • “Nobody will have to fight alone”

    October 10, 2017

    "Nobody will have to fight alone" is the main message of Sweden’s Young Cancer organisation who works to improve living conditions for young adults affected by cancer. This work has now received NOK 1.5 million from the Kavli Trust.