22. May 2020

Supporting young cancer patients with grants

Being diagnosed, living with or surviving cancer is a challenging experience in whatever form it takes. Young Cancer is making that time a little easier.

Young Cancer (Ung Cancer) supports young adults affected by cancer in Sweden through sharing information, creating meeting places, giving personal support and offering an economic grant scheme.

Their grant is available for people affected by cancer, aged 16 – 30 years old and who are members of Young Cancer. They can apply for support to meet basic expenses such as rent, food and medicines. The grant is also available for rehabilitation, physical aids and social support not covered by the public health system.

“The need for extra support is big for this group, as the welfare system and Swedish society don’t offer sufficient support after the crisis of a cancer diagnosis occurs,” Emma Tonnes says, director of Young Cancer.

Tonnes explains that young people often have not had the chance to secure full time income by the time they fall ill. Many end up not managing to make ends meet for basic every day and welfare needs.

“It is more expensive being ill than well,” she adds.

Kavli Trust has previously supported the Young Cancer grant scheme with 1.5 million NOK, allowing 300 young people to reduce their financial worries through an already difficult time. The funding was renewed in 2019, with another 1.5 million NOK being allocated for 2019 and 2020.

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“We are so grateful that Kavli Trust wants to help several hundred more young people when they need it the most, in a very tough time of their lives,” Emma Tonnes says.

Secretary general of Young Cancer, Emma Tonnes, general manager of Kavli Trust, Inger Elise Iversen and adviser/coordinator at Young Cancer, Erik Fransson/Stockholm, 2018. Photo: Hanne Eide Andersen/Kavlifondet

The Young Cancer grant scheme covers basic living expenses as well as rehabilitation measures, such as exercise or conversation therapy. In this way they both support people whilst enduring cancer, and also on the journey back to full health.

“Young Cancer is doing extremely important work for many young people living with cancer. We in Kavli Trust are very happy to be able to contribute so that more people can get the support they need in a tough situation,” says Inger Lise Iversen, general manager of Kavli Trust.

Founded in 2010, by cancer survivor Julia Mjørnstedt, Young Cancer (Ung Cancer) is now a Swedish nationwide charity with over 4000 members aged between 16 and 34. As well as the grant scheme, they run activities for their members alongside information and awareness campaigns. The charity is also working to improve the system and change laws allowing for better protection and public support for young people with cancer.

Photo on top: Young Cancer is an important support and meeting place for many young people with cancer and their families. Photo: Young Cancer

Young Cancer festival 2017. Photo: Young Cancer