Active Against Cancer - Norway

The Active Against Cancer foundation was founded by Helle Aanesen and now deceased marathon star Grete Waitz in 2007, two years after Waitz herself was diagnosed with the disease. It aims to establish physical activity as part of cancer therapy.

Support from the Kavli Trust will help to strengthen this field of “exercise oncology” under the leadership of Dr Lee Jones. The project seeks to explore which tumours are influenced by a patient’s physical activity.

Dr Jones has already published much research into this form of treatment, and intends to keep working until enough is known to be able to give patients a prescription for specific exercises on the same basis as for medicines.

A research grant is also due to be established which will benefit Norwegian scientists and Norway’s research community.

More about this project

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    March 29, 2017

    Norwegian scientist Tormod Skogstad Nilsen has moved to New York to study the role of physical activity in cancer treatment, with backing from the Kavli Trust.

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