23. November 2023

Kavli Trust joins Nordic initiative for the mental health of emerging adults

Next in Mind is a joint initiative founded by Reach for Change, The Inner Foundation and Tim Bergling Foundation for the mental health of emerging adults (18-29 years old) in the Nordic countries. Kavli Trust has allocated NOK 2 million from The Kavli Group’s profits to Next in Mind’s incubator programme for social entrepreneurs.

According to a report from the OECD, the proportion of young adults in the Nordic countries with mental health issues is among the highest in Europe.

The report also shows that twice as many young adults have mental health issues compared to the rest of the Nordic population.

This is the backdrop for the major initiative Next in Mind, jointly founded by Reach for Change, The Inner Foundation and Tim Bergling Foundation.

COLLABORATING PARTNERS: Left to right, Guro Hjetland Sundsby, grant manager for the Kavli Trust; Sofia Breitholtz, CEO of Reach for Change; Gayatri Rathinavelu, programme manager at Reach for Change; and Ingrid Paasche, new general manager of Kavli Trust, in Stockholm earlier this autumn. Photo: Reach for Change

NOK 2 million support from Kavli Trust

Kavli Trust is the main partner of the initiative in Norway. The foundation has allocated NOK 2 million from The Kavli Group’s profits to Next in Mind’s incubator programme for social entrepreneurs which starts in May 2024.

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Application deadline is now extended from 3 to 18 December!

The aim is to prevent illness and make mental health care available to more emerging adults (young adults aged 18–29) through supporting social entrepreneurs with sound and scalable solutions to promote mental wellbeing and good mental health in the target group.

Next in Mind has two main components:

  • An incubator programme to develop and scale up businesses offering solutions for emerging adults’ mental health and wellbeing. The programme begins in May 2024. Social entrepreneurs from Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway may apply. The application deadline is 18 December.
  • Strategic advocacy to make it easier for social entrepreneurs to run their businesses, integrate them into the public health and welfare system and sell their services to relevant buyers

Broad involvement and expertise

Through Next in Mind, businesses, the public sector, academia, and young adults from several Nordic countries will be involved, joining forces to enhance emerging adults’ mental health and wellbeing across the Nordic Countries.

The Finnish investment firm Illusian, like Kavli Trust, collaborates with and finances the programme.

Several other organisations will be contributing their knowledge and competence, including Kinnevik, Northzone, Bain, Ashoka, the Eva Ahlström Foundation and the Ing-Marie Wieselgren Foundation.

Paving the way for more entrepreneurs

“The support from Kavli Trust makes it possible for us to include the number of entrepreneurs we planned for in the programme,” says senior programme manager at Reach for Change, Gayatri Rathinavelu.

“The collaboration with Kavli Trust is also important in order to strengthen the connection to and presence in the Norwegian market, and enable a closer connection to potential stakeholders and social entrepreneurs,” Rathinavelu continues.

Main funding priorities

“Child and adolescent mental health is one of Kavli Trust’s main funding priorities,” says grant manager for Kavli Trust, Guro Hjeltland Sundsby.

“We are proud to be a part of such an innovative and ambitious project. We are certain that many capable social entrepreneurs will benefit from the programme. Kavli Trust has collaborated with Reach for Change on previous projects, with good results,” she says.

– A purpose in the spirit of Olav Kavli

Kavli Trust is the sole owner and distributes The Kavli Group’s entire profit to good causes. In Norway, the Group consists of Kavli and Q-Meieriene. The Group also includes O. Kavli AB i Sverige and Kavli Suomi in Finland, as well as Kavli UKs Primula Cheese and Castle MacLellan.

“Our founder, Olav Kavli, was a passionate innovator with a great commitment to society. He created an international food group. I believe this programme is a purpose completely in his spirit,” says Sundby.

UNITED INITIATIVE: The founders at the launch in Stockholm in October 2023. Left to right: CEO of Reach for Change, Sofia Breitholtz, founder of the Tim Bergling Foundation, Klas Bergling, and co-founder of The Inner Foundation, Annika Sten Pärson. Photo: Next in Mind

BACKGROUND – About the Founders

Three Swedish philanthropist organisations supporting social entrepreneurship have joined forces in Next in Mind.

Reach for Change

  • International nonprofit organisation founded in Sweden in 2010 by entrepreneurs from both nonprofit and business sectors.
  • Strives to ensure that children and young people reach their full potential by supporting social entrepreneurs in their own local communities.
  • Has supported more than 2000 social entrepreneurs in 18 countries across three continents.
  • The Kavli Trust has previously supported Reach for Change and their work for social entrepreneurs in Ethiopia and Ghana.

Read more: reachforchange.org

The Inner Foundation

  • A Swedish foundation that aims to be a catalyst for social change by investing in innovative solutions to promote mental health and wellbeing, inclusiveness, justice, and diversity in society.
  • Currently has an investment portfolio spread across Europe, North America and Africa.
  • Wishes to empower entrepreneurs who are trying to do something about the current global social crisis by uniting public, private, and nonprofit forces that foster sustainable human development.
  • Is particularly interested in enterprises that target young adults.

Read more: innerfoundation.org

Tim Bergling Foundation

  • Founded in memory of the world famous Swedish musician Tim Bergling, known as Avicii. Established by the artist’s family after he died by suicide in April 2018.
  • Wishes to promote awareness, knowledge and better access to services for mental health and suicide prevention.
  • Supports various projects, initiatives and organisations that strive to prevent suicide and offer help to people who need it.
  • Has a special focus on the music and entertainment industry, but also on young people in general.

Read more: timberglingfoundation.org

COLLECTIVE ACTION: Left to right: Klas Bergling, founder of the Tim Bergling Foundation; Annika Sten Pärson, one of the founders of The Inner Foundation; and Sofia Breitholtz, CEO of Reach for Change. Photo: Next in Mind
MAKING A U-TURN: According to a report from the OECD, the proportion of young adults in the Nordic countries with mental health issues is among the highest in Europe. Through Next in Mind, the founders wish to turn the negative public health trend. This is from the launch of the venture in October 2023. Photo: Next in Mind