7. June 2024

£223,000 from the employees to good causes

Amateur theatre, a friendship club and support for children of parents with cancer are just some of the deserving causes funded through the Kavli Trust “employee nomination” in 2023.

This article is published in Kavli Trust’s annual report 2023.
Photo on top: Kavli UK

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Once a year, employees in the Kavli Group take part in deciding who will receive funding from Kavli Trust. The so-called “employee nomination” allows employees to nominate and vote on a number of causes that will be granted funding.

“We’re proud to work for a group that shares its profits for charitable causes. The widespread employee participation in nominations, a yearly highlight for both Kavli Trust and the wider Kavli Group, inspires and motivates us,” says Kavli Trust General Manager, Ingrid Paasche.

In 2023, an amount of NOK 3 million (approximately £223,000) was allocated through the employee nominations.

The nominations are arranged by each individual Kavli company in the four countries where Kavli has operations: Norway, Sweden, Finland and the UK. Nominated charities must focus on humanitarian work on a national or local level.

Giving with impact

Both preventative support and assistance for people facing challenges like illness or low income are eligible for nomination. Selected charities are invited to a celebration hosted by their local Kavli company, where they receive gift cheques. This event also allows charities to connect with Kavli employees, present their work and explain how they’ll use the funds.

The programme began in 2010, with annual grants varying. In 2023, a total of NOK three million was awarded through employee nominations across Norway, Sweden, and the UK. Seventeen charities were selected, supporting causes ranging from young people with disabilities to activities for cancer patients and their families, scout groups and theatre groups.

A culture of inspiration

Ingrid Paasche adds that Kavli employees’ commitment highlights the company’s dedication to social responsibility and aiding organisations that improve lives.

”This commitment reflects a collective desire to positively impact society. Through the employee nominations, we not only fund valuable projects but also cultivate a meaningful, inspiring culture of solidarity and social responsibility,” says Paasche.

Employee nominations in the UK:

£10 000: The Children’s Foundation

The Children’s Foundation works to improve the health and quality of life for children and young people in North East England, where poverty rates are unfortunately high. The employee nomination supports their ”Baby Box” project, ensuring that new mothers facing difficult circumstances receive a box of supplies designed to foster strong bonds between parents and newborns. The boxes emphasise love, reading, singing, play and togetherness. Delivered four weeks before birth, they include toys, books and other items promoting healthy development during a child’s first year.

GOOD ATMOSPHERE: Presentation of a gift cheque at Primula Cheese in Gateshead in North East England. Photo: Kavli UK

£21 000: Stepping Stones Community Larder and Foodbank

Stepping Stones was established during the pandemic to aid those in need, and their services remain crucial amidst the economic crisis. Initially offering food boxes, Stepping Stones has shifted to a ”pantry model” encouraging autonomy and creating a welcoming, inclusive space where everyone is treated with dignity. Their goal is to reduce the stigma associated with food banks. This dedicated group of volunteers, many of whom are pensioners, also includes individuals with their own support needs or those seeking to contribute meaningfully. The employee nomination will fund a new energy-efficient fridge and freezer, along with food purchases.

£11 000: The Mane

The Mane, an equestrian centre near Gatehouse of Fleet, helps young people develop self-confidence, leadership skills, tolerance and empathy through interaction with animals. The employee nomination will purchase new riding helmets, safety gear and harnesses for carriages, ensuring that young people with disabilities can also participate in horse-riding activities.

£22 350: Youth Focus North East

Youth Focus North East (YFNE) develops programmes designed to empower young people and enhance their opportunities for a brighter future. This employee nomination supports a Gateshead project establishing a youth club offering arts, crafts, sports and discussions on mental health and other important topics. The club will also facilitate youth-led community projects, fostering self-esteem and providing positive experiences.

£5 350: Queen of the South

Queen of the South Community Food Hub operates as a free supermarket, giving those in need access to food choices. Their mission is to ensure everyone in the area requiring food assistance can obtain it. The hub, relying on donations and strong support from the Queen of the South FC fanbase, has served over 11,800 food products to more than 10,000 people, including through its breakfast club. This employee nomination will strengthen their distribution of food and hot meals, further supporting the local community.

£5 000: Pathways 4 All

Pathways 4 All offers specialised play and leisure activities for disabled children and young adults. Their diverse programmes include family events, seasonal gatherings, youth clubs, school holiday activities and other social events, supporting over 2,000 families. Children attending Pathways 4 All often have difficulty accessing local playgrounds due to physical barriers. The employee nomination will fund upgrades to their North Tyneside centre’s outdoor area, featuring equipment designed specifically for children with disabilities and additional needs.

GATESHEAD GATHERING: Gift cheque presentation at Primula Cheese, Gateshead, in North-East England. Photo: Kavli UK

Employee nominations in Norway:

NOK 100,000: Fantefølget

Fantefølget is an amateur theatre and dance group for children and young people in Bryne. Their mission is to offer diverse cultural experiences for all ages. They believe that local productions create a sense of pride and belonging for performers and audiences alike. Fantefølget will use the funding to continue providing quality experiences for children and young people, including free school performances regionally.

NOK 70,000: Friends of Forsettunet

Friends of Forsettunet is a support group for residents of the Forsettunet care facility in Gausdal. Composed of family members, the group aims to bring joy to residents through activities like games, music, singing and dancing. Their goal is to foster a positive atmosphere for both residents and staff. The group will use the funding to improve Forsettunet with new furniture, carpets and curtains.

OSLO HANDOVER: Gift cheque presentation at Kavli Holding’s Oslo office. Photo: Birthe Drageset/Kavli Norway

NOK 125,000: Gausdal Unikum

Gausdal Unikum is an inclusive handball team within the Gausdal handball club. Their aim is to create a fun environment for the entire team, promoting inclusion and empowerment through matches and tournaments. Gausdal Unikum will use the funding for social activities that benefit the whole team, ensuring everyone can participate in matches and tournaments.

NOK 225,000: Kompani Føniks

Kompani Føniks is a support group for children with a parent facing incurable cancer. Their motto is: ”No child should face cancer alone.” The group strives to create laughter, joy and a sense of community, allowing children to connect and form friendships with others facing similar challenges. Kompani Føniks will use the funding for a 2024 summer camp at Langedrag for 50 children.

NOK 150,000: Haukelands venner

Haukeland’s Friends is a foundation dedicated to improving the hospital experience for patients and their loved ones. The group provides those extra touches that the hospital may not be able to, creating a positive environment for everyone. Haukeland’s Friends will use the funding for their ”Advanced Home Hospital” project, offering treatment and follow-up at home when appropriate and feasible. This service is for children ages 0-18 within the Helse Bergen region.



BERGEN PRESENTATION: Gift cheque presentation at Kavli Norway, Midtun branch, in Bergen. Photo: Birthe Drageset/Kavli Norway
GAUSDAL CELEBRATION: Gift cheque presentation at Q-Meieriene, Gausdal. Photo: Birthe Drageset/Kavli Norway

NOK 100,000: Louies leker

Louie’s leker (Louie’s games) organises annual obstacle courses designed specifically for children with disabilities. Their goal is to foster a sense of joy through sports, promote unity and friendships, and support both physical and mental health. Participation in Louie’s leker should be a fun experience for everyone! The organisation will use the funding to create obstacle courses for wheelchair users, rent necessary course elements and build permanent courses for reuse over several years.

NOK 200,000: Varmestuens venner Stavanger

Varmestuens venner (Friends of the heated shelter) helps drug addicts and others who lack access to public welfare services. They will use the funding for a new freezer, allowing them to make the most of donated food.

NOK 30,000: Mekkeriet Askøy

Mekkeriet Askøy is an auto club for young people where inclusion is key. They host members’ nights where young people can socialise, share a meal and “tinker”. Mekkeriet Askøy will use the funding to improve lighting and dust extraction in a welding container, purchase raw materials for welding courses, and invest in a 3D printer. The club also hopes to build their own go-kart and drone from scratch.

ACTIVE KIDS: Louie’s Leker, a volunteer group, organises obstacle courses and activity days for children and youth with disabilities. Photo: Birthe Drageset/Kavli Norway

Employee nominations in Sweden:

SEK 593,842: CancerRehabFonden

CancerRehabFonden has been the top choice of Kavli Sweden employees for several years running. The organisation provides rehabilitation for adults with cancer, filling gaps in the healthcare system. The employee nomination will fund a week-long rehabilitation programme for cancer patients. This programme includes psychological support, yoga, nutritional guidance and tools to manage difficult thoughts and feelings.

SEK 225,510: Nya kompisbyrån

Nya Kompisbyrån strengthens integration, builds community and combats xenophobia by fostering friendships between Swedes and people who are new to Sweden. Anyone over 18 can register for ”friend matching,” a simple and enjoyable way to meet new people. An impressive 87% of new Swedes report feeling more included in Swedish society after matching. Additionally, 28% of job seekers found work or an internship through their ”coffee buddy,” and 95% of participants say they learned something new about another culture.

STOCKHOLM SMILES: Gift cheque presentation brings joy to recipients at Kavli Sweden, Stockholm (October 2023). Photo: Kavli Sweden

SEK 197,948: Scouterna

The Scouts’ vision is ”Young people make the world a better place.” The organisation fosters community, teaching children and young people about outdoor life, adventure and valuable ––skills often overlooked in today’s digitised, urban world. Activities range from baking bread over an open f ire to learning about the body’s sleep cycle. The Scouts actively reach out to children from low-income families who might not otherwise have access to such activities. The employee nomination will help expand their programmes, train new leaders, establish new Scout groups and purchase equipment.