Med gateteater som virkemiddel

Nepal er et av verdens fattigste land, og med en befolkning på ca. 27 millioner innbyggere er fortsatt 40,9 % av befolkningen analfabeter. Over 80 % av befolkningen bor på landsbygda og har dermed svært dårlig eller ingen tilgang til nyheter. Målet med teaterprosjektet er å gi befolkningen på landsbygda informasjon og øke bevisstgjøringen omkring

Supports The Big Sing and The Big Sing for Mini Singers

Connecting Children With Music The Big Sing and The Big Sing for Mini Singers are part of an inspiring project designed to connect children with music beyond the resources available to their schools. The project enables a journey through song, specially designed for the age groups and abilities they serve. Children and teachers partake in

Chamber music for everyone

The three string quartets organising the Oslo Quartet Series are Engegårdkvartetten, Oslo Strykekvartett and Vertavokvartetten. They will be performing at the event and in addition present other successful national or international string quartets.   Famous composers Many famous composers wrote their most significant pieces for string quartet. Important composers for the string quartet repertoire are

Medical students helps mothers and children in Sierra Leone

«To contribute to a world where a safe birth and upbringing for granted». This is the vision of Medical Students’ humanitarian action (MedHum) in 2014, where they will raise funds to support the work Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) does for mothers and children in the Bo District in Sierra Leone.   In 2014

Discovered new method to diagnose dementia patients

Scientists in the Nordic Research Network of Dementia Diagnostics are attempting to discover new methods for diagnosis patients with dementia. Their goal is to identify a method that is gentle, affordable, accurate and accessible. After a successful starting project, the researchers believe that a new EEGrecording method may make their goal possible to obtain. The