Nytt liv vekk fra gaten

LittleBigHelp vil utvide arbeidet sitt ytterligere for å kunne hjelpe enda flere utsatte jenter og kvinner. I India er det ofte jentene og kvinnene som har den tøffeste hverdagen. Mange jenter i India opplever misbruk fra meget ung alder, og noen blir tvunget inn i tidlig ekteskap, barnearbeid og menneskehandel. Deres frihet og rett til

Støtter kvinnelige entreprenører i Myanmar

Kavlifondet støtter arbeidet til organisasjonen Partnership for Changes arbeid for å trene og gi råd til kvinnelige entreprenører i Myanmar. Myanmar, som for få år siden var et undertrykkende militærdiktatur, har svært få entreprenører, særlig kvinnelige. Dette ønsker organisasjonen Partnership for Change, med kontor i Norge, USA, Myanmar og Sør-Sudan, å gjøre noe med. Organisasjonen

The history of the Kavli Trust

Olav Kavli (1872-1958) grew up on a farm in the charming village of Årø, situated close to Molde in Norway. From an early age Olav demonstrated a keen business talent, and combined with his ambitious mind he created one of the largest and most international food companies in Norway. Today the Kavli group has 600

The Kavli Trust Supports Sensory Room and Local Treatment Unit

Part of the funds distributed by the Kavli Trust go to projects recommended by Kavli employees.   Kavli employees in the UK voted for the Kavli Trust to support a sensory room for children with multiple learning difficulties, and a local renal treatment unit. In 2012 Castel MacLellan staff voted for a Satellite Renal Unit

The Kavli Trust cooperates with MyGoodAct to inspire young people to support charities

With its recent cooperation with MyGoodAct.com, the Kavli Trust aims to inspire young people to support charities across the world. MyGoodAct.com is a web-based service established by the talented social entrepreneur Jonas Borchgrevink.   MyGoodAct.com is a social network where people who care are able to raise financial support for different charitable projects and NGOs.

Helping to save and strengthen Ethiopian mothers

The Kavli Trust is supporting the Maternity Worldwide Denmark charity, whose vision is that “giving life must not cost life”. At least 287 000 women die every year in connection with pregnancy and giving birth, and more than 99 per cent of these deaths occur in the Third World. The death of a mother has

Follow developments with Shonglap

Follow developments with Shonglap, the Kavli Trust’s anniversary project in Bangladesh The Shonglap project provides a one-year education for girls aged 11-19 who have missed out on school through poverty. It will give them pride and independence, teach them their own rights and provide opportunities to earn their own money. They will thereby be helped

Putting girls in charge of their own lives

The Shonglap educational programme aims to overcome to problem of child brides in Bangladesh, with backing from Norway’s Strømme Foundation and the Kavli Trust. Seventy-five per cent of Bangladeshi girls are married off as children. Although illegal, this has a practical aspect in a poor country – the younger the bride, the smaller the dowry.